Our Services

We are here for you, to make your life as easy as possible. That is why all of our services are customizable to meet your needs. The services below were designed to provide the most efficient amount of cleaning, in the shortest amount of time, for the lowest cost. We know cost is a big factor when it comes to choosing the right cleaning company, that is why we have come up with our Price List page. There you can see a set of quotes that reflect the minimum cost for each service. For individuals looking for a more exact quote, click on the buttons below and send us a detailed message.

One Time Cleaning


This cleaning is the best way for residential clients to try our services. When we come out for the first time, we want you to feel confident and secure with your cleaning experience. No long term contract is needed, which will keep you worry free.



General Cleaning


Our General Cleaning is the most popular choice for clients who like keeping those pesky dust bunnies from reproducing. This cleaning package is only available after the initial One Time Cleaning appointment. General Cleanings can be scheduled weekly or biweekly to maintain the cleanliness of your home. In this type of cleaning you can expect us to do anything from disinfecting the bathroom to mopping floors to dusting knick knacks.


For a detailed look at what we focus on while performing a General Cleaning click the picture on the left hand side.

Heavy Duty Cleaning


The Heavy Duty Cleaning is our greatest service for people who are moving in or out of a new home. If a home is neglected for a long period of time, this is also our best option. This service includes all of the above items along with:

  • Washing or spot cleaning of walls (wallpaper and washable paint only)

  • Washing of blinds

  • Washing of windows (Inside only, unless windows tilt in)

  • Pulling out furniture to clean behind (excluding china cabinets & wall units)

  • Includes all cleaning supplies

Carpet Cleaning


Our Carpet Cleaning is the best around. We use truck mounted machines to provide the safest and most effective carpet cleaning experience.

Office Cleaning


Our Office Cleaning services can be tailored to your business, depending on  your needs. We provide our services for businesses on a daily, weekly, or biweekly basis. Having a fresh and clean office throughout the day will keep your customers coming back for more.

Bed Bug Preparation 

We have been working closely with many of the exterminators in the area. Our plan was designed to prepare your property to ensure that they are able to provide proper treatment to all areas.  This will greatly increase the chances of eliminating those pesky bugs once and for all. 

Additional Services

Window Cleaning


We strictly focus on the inside of the window, unless your home has the type that fold inward.



Hoarding Clean up


Do you know someone who has a problem with hoarding? Our services will help clean up the mounds of accumulated trash, in order to live happy and healthy.



Power Washing


Let us bring in the full force cleaning power of a power washer to scrape away that grime.

New Construction Clean Up


Did you just finish building a new addition onto your home? Saw dust and other microscopic particles could be lingering. Let us clean up that mess for you.



Floor Care


We are experts in knowing which cleaning supplies works on which type of flooring. From stains in your rugs to scuffs on your hardwoods, we can take care of it all.



Mold Removal


Mold can be a big issue if not treated properly. We know how to get the job done properly and efficiently.